Gnat-Free Zones

A quick guide for using 91% Alcohol and Peroxide in your commercial kitchen.

In a bustling commercial kitchen, the last thing you need is a gnat infestation disrupting your workflow. Fear not – we’ve crafted a guide tailored to the demands of a commercial kitchen, utilizing the powerful combination of 91% alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. ## 91% Alcohol: Precision Gnat Elimination **How It Works:** 91% isopropyl alcohol is a potent solution for swiftly dealing with gnats. Its targeted application disrupts gnats’ respiratory systems and dehydrates them, ensuring a quick and effective solution.

**Application:** 1. Create a 1:1 mixture of 91% alcohol and water in a reliable spray bottle.

2. Directly target high-risk areas such as countertops, food preparation surfaces, and storage areas.

3. Precisely spray the solution on gnats, ensuring thorough coverage. **Caution:** Exercise caution on surfaces sensitive to alcohol.

Conduct a spot test before widespread use. ## Hydrogen Peroxide: Draining Gnats Away **How It Works:** Hydrogen peroxide not only cleans drains but also eradicates gnats and their nests within. Its foaming action breaks down organic matter, disrupting gnat habitats effectively.

**Application:** 1. Pour a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide down drains in food preparation and dishwashing areas.

2. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes to an hour to dissolve debris and eliminate gnat nests.

3. Follow up with hot water to flush out remaining particles.

**Preventive Measures:** Incorporate regular drain maintenance into your kitchen cleaning routine. Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar for routine care. By implementing the combined power of 91% alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, your commercial kitchen can maintain a gnat-free environment. Bid farewell to unwanted pests and ensure a seamless, hygienic kitchen operation.

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